10 April 2019

talk meetup Frederik Hahne


Am Dienstag, den 10.09.2019 lädt die Java User Group Paderborn zum Vortrag Towards antifragile Software Architecture mit Marcus Autenrieth ein.

Der Vortrag

Architecture is an important variable when coaching agile teams. Without the ability to nurture a healthy mindset towards architecture, your team and organization will accrue architectural debt that cripples agility and promotes conflicts.

Having served two Scrum teams for about two years, this is a rather philosophical talk from the sidelines. As a Scrum Master, but former Developer, I have the intention of providing inspiring, yet non-technological perspectives to a topic that is too often only driven by technology itself.

Der Redner

Marcus Autenrieth is a Scrum Master who once was a passionate software developer. His current mission at wescale is to help fellow software developers to release the best version of themselves. His coaching style involves teaching nonviolent communication, finding resonance points in social systems and connecting the right people. In his pastime he collects programming languages, plays the piano and grows bonsai.


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