12 July 2023

talk meetup Frederik Hahne

Auf einen Blick

Am 09.08.2023 um 18.00 Uhr

Am Mittwoch, den 09.08.2023 l├Ądt die Java User Group Paderborn zum Vortrag Joyful server-side full stack web development with Spring ViewComponent mit Thomas Schuehly ein.

Der Vortrag

My elders tell me the horrid tales of JSP whenever I start to talk about server-side rendering, but server-side rendering is the hot new thing in the JavaScript World, with frameworks like SvelteKit, Astro and Next.js! So why did it die a gruesome death on the JVM?

Even PHP has a better approach to building full stack web applications with Laravel Livewire than we have available with our favorite language!

The Spring MVC approach didn’t evolve for nearly 20 years! Nowadays everyone builds a Single Page JavaScript application and a Spring Boot based JSON API, even if it introduces many challenges that they wouldn’t have with a full stack web framework.

However, the paradigm is shifting, and it’s time to explore an alternative approach that enables you to create better web applications on the JVM than ever before!

After this talk you don’t need to suffer through the JavaScript dependency hell anymore, as I will introduce the htmx library which gives you client-side interactivity by extending HTML as a Hypermedia with just a few simple HTML attributes and enables hypermedia driven applications.

Then we will explore Spring ViewComponent, which applies modern software engineering principles to our server-side rendering process. Say goodbye to the struggles of old-school MVC template rendering!

Spring ViewComponent enables you to create type safe templates, reuse them more efficiently and solve structural problems when developing.

Forget about the bloated frontend frameworks for your client-side behavior!

Alpine.js, a lightweight library, allows you to sprinkle interactivity directly into your markup without adding unnecessary complexity, when you really need it.

Join me on this journey into this new era of modern web development on the JVM and build better web applications faster than ever before. Prepare to experience the joy of full-stack web development again!


verlinked GmbH, Am Hoppenhof 32, 33104 Paderborn

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